Residential campsite in the Opal Coast


Residential pitches for mobile homes in the heart of the Opal Coast

5-star residential campsite, the caravaning Saint-Hubert has 586 pitches, open from 1 April to the last Sunday of the All Saints' Day holidays, Zone B (early November).

Our top-of-the-range establishment offers pitches, from 80 m² upwards, which are green and delimited.

Package for 5 people by name, extendable to 8 people (free day visitors, additional paying guests).

All-inclusive package with frost-free water, 25-amp electricity, mains drainage, wifi connection (holiday), 24-channel cable TV, 5 to 8 Leisure Passes. 2-year contract.

Questions / Réponses

Questions and answers Mobile home owners

You want to buy a mobile home to enjoy the pleasures of camping and the Côte d'Opale, but you have some questions.... We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • What does the yearly package include? :

The package includes :

  • pitch rental,
  • access for 5 people to all activities and facilities during the entire opening period (5 leisure passes) (you can add up to 3 extra people to your package for a total of 8 people registered, at the price indicated)
  • access for 1 vehicle (1 access badge)
  • water (25 m3)
  • 25 amp electricity (1500 kw)
  • Free cable television (box and remote control not included)
  • Free wifi access for two devices

  • Can we receive guests?

There are 2 types of guest:

  • Visitors: people who come to visit you during the day. It is possible to receive visitors. Visitors are free, but they do not have access to the campsite facilities. You must systematically declare any person entering the campsite who is not registered under your contract. Visitors must therefore be declared at reception.
  • Guests or sub-occupants: these are people who stay in your mobile home but who are not registered under the contract. They may be family, friends, colleagues, .... or sub-occupants (free of charge or paying). Guests or sub-occupants are limited to 30 nights per year, except for family with a direct ascending or descending relationship (parents, children, grandchildren, etc.) to the contract holder. You must pay a fee per night for any guests or sub-occupants present.
Nights are the number of nights your mobile home is occupied, regardless of the number of people occupying it: example = 1 person for a week represents 7 nights; 1 family of 4 for a week represents 7 nights.
A fee per night is payable for any guest or sub-tenant. This fee includes access to the campsite, the aquatic area, the petanque, tennis and multi-sports courts, the playgrounds and table tennis. Other facilities and activities are available at extra cost: inflatables, mini golf, spa, gym, games room, ....
  • Can I lend or sublet my mobile home?

Lending or subletting is permitted, but limited to 30 nights per year. You can therefore lend or sub-let your mobile home, which is less than 15 years old, for up to 30 nights, whatever the number of people.
You must declare all the people staying in your mobile home and pay the daily fee for any people not included in the contract staying in your mobile home. Identified as a sub-occupant, they will have access to the pool area, tennis courts, petanque area, playground and multi-sports pitches. Other facilities and activities are available at extra cost: inflatable structures, spa, gym, ....
The campsite does not handle rentals for owners, and does not take any commission.
ATTENTION: the use of intermediation platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Abritel, etc. is not authorised.

  • Can I resell my mobile home at the campsite?

You can resell your mobile home on the campsite if your installation complies with the campsite rules, is less than 25 years old (from 2026, it must be less than 20 years old) and you are up to date with the campsite (no outstanding invoices, no non-conformities, no failure to comply with the rules, etc.).
The campsite would like to meet future buyers to explain the terms and conditions of the rental contract, rates and other useful information.
The sale is from private individual to private individual. The only fee payable to the campsite for a sale is the €200 change of owner fee.
Changes of ownership can only be made by appointment. The campsite does not take a commission on sales, but a change of owner fee is payable.

  • Who looks after the upkeep of the pitch and mobile home?

Mowing, hedge trimming, maintenance, etc. are your responsibility. This is not included in the package.
The campsite does not do anything in the mobile homes (except for the installation of cable television).
However, we do offer mowing, pruning, etc. as an optional extra.
  • Are all the services open during the low season?

The pool bar and grocery store, wellness and fitness area, tennis courts, table tennis, multi-sports pitches and petanque area are open from the opening of the campsite until closing time, with shorter opening hours than in high season, and some services are closed during the week low season.
The indoor pool area is open from the Zone B spring holidays to the All Saints' Day holidays. The outdoor pool area is open from 1 June to the 1st weekend in September.

The restaurant is open from the opening until the end of September, unless otherwise stated on the website.
Activities and certain facilities are only available during the summer holidays.
Questions / Réponses

Frequently asked questions : I RENT DIRECTLY FROM THE CAMPSITE

  • Can I put down an option?

You can place an option on a holiday by calling the campsite on 00 33 The option is valid for 5 days. After 5 days, if you have not confirmed the option by paying a deposit, your booking request will be automatically cancelled.

  • How do I pay for my stay?

You can pay for your stay :

- by credit card: for fast, secure payment on our website
- by cheque: to be sent directly to the campsite within 5 days of your booking and 1 month before your arrival at the campsite.
- by ANCV or ANCV Connect cheque: if you wish to book with your holiday vouchers, please contact the campsite on 00 33 Paper holiday vouchers should be sent directly to the campsite within 5 days of your booking and 1 month before your arrival by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt or recorded delivery.
- by bank transfer

  • What do the prices include?

If you have booked directly with the campsite, the price includes access to the campsite and all its facilities: aquatic centre, spa, gym, tennis, table tennis, petanque area, playground, multi-sports pitches, etc., as well as entertainment in July and August, depending on the programme and availability.
All utilities included: water, electricity, gas.
Your mobile home is equipped with everything you need (crockery, cooking utensils) for the number of people indicated in the contract. Your accommodation is equipped with a television, oven, garden furniture and barbecue.

Please note that some shops and events may be closed at the beginning and end of the season (check with the campsite).

If you have rented a mobile home from a private individual, be sure to ask about the services included in your rental. A nightly fee is charged for anyone staying in a private mobile home. This fee gives access to the campsite, swimming pool, tennis courts, multi-sports pitches, playground and petanque area. Other facilities and activities are extra.

  • Do babies count in the number of people?

Yes, babies are counted in the accommodation capacity, whatever their age. A baby counts as a person in its own right!
For safety and insurance reasons, the number of people indicated by the accommodation must not be exceeded.

  • What if I have to cancel my booking?

In the event of cancellation before arrival, interruption of stay or postponement of arrival for any reason whatsoever (illness, accident or unforeseen event), no refund will be given. Any amount paid will be retained as compensation for breach of contract.
We offer cancellation insurance. Don't forget to take it out when you book. Conditions on request.
All cancellations MUST be notified to the campsite in writing.

  • Are pets allowed?

Your 4-legged friend is welcome. We accept pets for a daily or weekly fee per animal.

First and second category dogs are not allowed.
Pets must be kept on a lead, and you may be asked to produce an up-to-date vaccination certificate at any time.
We limit access to one pet per accommodation.

  • Do you have baby kits available?

Yes, you can hire a baby kit consisting of a high chair, cot and bath.
Please note that our stock is limited, so it's best to book before you arrive!

  • Is a deposit required?

Yes, a €200 equipment deposit is required for all rentals.
The accommodation must be left clean on your departure (floors cleaned, dishes washed, blankets put away, dustbins emptied, cupboards cleaned, kitchens and shower rooms/wcs cleaned).
NB: If you notice any anomalies in the condition of your accommodation on arrival, you must inform the campsite reception immediately, who will do everything possible to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Otherwise, no complaint can be taken into account at the end of your stay. If the accommodation is not left clean at the end of your stay, we will charge the costs detailed below by category, in order to restore your accommodation to its original state.
NB: This service does not exempt you from returning the accommodation in a minimum state of cleanliness (no food waste, bins or products will be tolerated).
Cleaning costs are €80 for a 1-bedroom mobile home, €120 for a 2 or 3-bedroom mobile home and €170 for a 3-bedroom mobile home with 2 bathrooms.

  • What are the arrival and departure times?

Mobile homes are available from 3pm.

Departures must be arranged at reception before 10am for weekly stays and 11am for overnight stays.

  • Is there WIFI on the campsite?

Wifi access is free throughout the campsite. You will be given an access code to connect 2 devices during your stay. However, wifi remains a holiday wifi, ... teleworking, downloading and other uses cannot be guaranteed.

  • How are the mobile homes equipped?

We offer different categories of mobile home with different equipment ... Please consult the descriptions on the website.

However, all our mobile homes are equipped with crockery and cooking utensils, a coffee maker, toaster, kettle, oven, television, terrace with garden furniture and barbecue.

  • Is the aquatic area open all the time?

The indoor pool is open and heated from the Zone B Easter holidays to the All Saints' Day holidays (different times depending on the season).

The outdoor pool area is open and heated from 1 June to the 1st weekend in September. Pool heating is subject to weather conditions.

Opening times and conditions are shown on the website.

  • Is it possible to arrive after reception closes?

If your stay has been paid for in full, and you have paid the deposit, you can arrive after reception has closed. Simply contact us and we will tell you how to collect your accommodation. No arrivals will be possible after 8pm.

  • Do you have PRM accommodation?

Yes, we have mobile homes for people with reduced mobility. Please ask at reception.

  • Is it possible to put a cot in the bedroom with the double bed?

No, this is not possible. There is not enough space. The cot must be installed in the main room.

  • Is it possible to book 2 mobile homes side by side?

Unfortunately we cannot offer two mobile homes side by side.

  • Are all the services open off season?

The swimming pool bar and the grocery shop are open from the opening of the campsite until closing time, with shorter opening hours than in high season and one day closed during the week in off season.

The restaurant is open from the opening until the end of September, unless otherwise stated on the website.

Some facilities and activities are only available during the summer holidays, please ask at reception.

  • What is the leisure pass?

The leisure pass is your all-purpose pass to make the most of your holiday at the campsite. It allows us to identify you as a customer of the campsite and gives you access to all the campsite's facilities and activities.

Some activities must be booked in advance (limited number of places). You can book your activities with your leisure pass. Leisure passes are included in your rental with Caravaning Saint Hubert (if you are renting with an owner, ask him whether or not he will give you one of the 5 leisure passes included in his annual package).

  • Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

Our rentals are equipped with disposable sheets. But you can also opt to hire sheets (fabric bed linen) and towels.

  • Can I have visitors?

After informing the campsite, you may receive visitors, but they do not have access to the campsite's facilities and entertainment. They are your responsibility and must leave the campsite by 9 p.m. at the latest. Their vehicle must remain parked in the outside car park.

  • When can I get my deposit back?

If you have made an appointment for the departure inspection, your deposit will be returned to you at the end of the inspection or within 24 hours at the latest. If you leave your accommodation outside the agreed times, your deposit will be forfeited or returned to you by post after the inventory of fixtures within 72 hours at the latest.

  • Do you accept VACAF?

We are VACAF approved. Please ask at reception. We will need your name, benefit number, department and address in order to draw up a quote for you, including your CAF allowance.

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